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Export MySQL DB Structure to Excel  v.1.0

Technology: PHP, MySQLFiles: dbDesingExport.php, header.phpdbDesingExport.php is a php script, which can export MySQL DB Structure to excel file with all table names & their respective fields with

SAS MySQL DB Backup System  v.1.0

SAS MySQL DB Backup System, is a web based (PHP) application that can backup and save your MySQL databases. You can take backups of your MySQL databases or can restore you database from any of the backup files.

Gtk MySQL DB-Browser  v.1.0

gmybrowse is another gui database browser for mysql.

DBConvert for MSSQL & MySQL  v.3.8.3

DBConvert for MSSQL & MySQL is a database migration tool for data conversion from MS SQL database to MySQL server and MySQL db to Microsoft SQL. You can convert SQL data to MySQL or MySQL to MS SQL databases simply by configuring a few options

MySql DbBackup  v.1.2.1

Php Script will backup your local/remote MySql DB using mysqldump. Features : Backup rotation, bzip2/gzip compression, gpg encryption, FTP file sending, Email file sending, Email repporting, log... and a lot of options to configure

MySQL Remote Backup  v.1.0

If you wish to minimize the traffic between MySQL DB server and reserve data storage server or your computer than this program is for you! Traffic will decrease tens times less! All modules are written on perl! It can be used on different platforms.

FidoSQL - Fidonet tools for SQL  v.1.0

This project includes tools for doing fidonet with SQL as storage. It includes a api for writing messages into a MYSQL db, a fidonet packet tosser, a file ticker, a bbs, a fidonet mailer, and mutch

GeoDataStorage  v.0.22

GDS is a project to check generic measured earth science data. It is also an interactive database management system to store all data in MySQL-DB. GDS rules as project based management system with unlimited stations. Each station manages 20

Jlibrary  v.32

Project for a Library management with MySQL db

MyTSMReport  v.1.0

MyTSMreport is a Project that use a Mysql DB to store the account information from a Tivoli Storage Manager and show them on web pages through PHP scripts in tables and graphs.It do also query toward the TSM DB and store the results in the MySQL

NTOP SQL Reports  v.1.1

This project contains PHP code and classes to pull NTOP Statistics out of a mySQL DB... Info such as host name, IP addresses, client ports, TCP Sessions, etc... can be reported on. Other reports are easy to add

PHP Security Scanner  v.1.0.2

PHP Security Scanner is a tool written in PHP intended to search PHP code for vulnarabilities. MySQL DB stores patterns to search for as well as the results from the search. The tool can scan any directory on the file

The Plague  v.1.0

The Plague provides a web UI to a MySQL db of parsed syslog data. The focus has been security reporting. The logs supported (so far) are NetScreen firewalls, Cisco routers and switches and PIXen, Gauntlet

WikiSquilter  v.1.0

This project is devoted to analyze the log lines from the Wikipedia Squid servers by parsing and filtering their information elements according to the directives specified in an XML file. Resulting info is stored in a MySql db for further

Sql2cpp  v.

Generator builds C++ classes for mysql db, tables, rows and relations. Takes only minutes. One line of code creates a database object, with accessors for all the tables, set/get values for fields, and functions to traverse relationships on 1 line.

FriendFeedGrabber  v.1.0

FriendFeedGrabber is a simple console application designed for Windows OS that permit to grab post from, and to save them to a mysql db.

W3Forge Full  v.1.0

Open Source PHP5 FrameworkFeatures Include:AJAX, Custom Template Engine, I18n, MySQL DB Client, Search Engine Friendly Linking, CMS, and More

W3Forge lite  v.1.0

Open Source PHP5 FrameworkFeatures Include:AJAX, Custom Template Engine, I18n, MySQL DB Client, Search Engine Friendly LinkingThis is the lite version of the software.

RoidRacer++  v.1.0

RoidRacer++ is a browser based online game written in C++ connected to a MySQL DB. It is still in development and searching for other developers. It's aim is to be a flexible and easy to setup game which can easily be adopted to other themes.

Flash Holdem Poker  v.1.0

A flash poker game that will be bases for vs competition. No computer AI involved at this level of development. Will use a MySQL DB for registration and tracking. There will also be the option to play vs AI opponent.

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